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How this happened

This piece is a self-funded portfolio, which we place importance as a creative production. We believe in the power of storytelling and creativity, how it can have great impact on our lives and minds. We are driven to exhibit our own views towards complex matters through the making of original work. By working self-funded, we are able to experiment and challenge our creativity and pursue our own creative desires to enhance the power of storytelling.

Backbone of the Theme

Standing against bullying requires great courage for the one being bullied. The person can feel as if they are locked in an endless hell where no one can be trusted, and become overwhelmed by despair. It seems like his own fate is in the bully’s impulsive hand, and no action can change the situation. But that’s what makes us human, as we strive to change in the darkest times, in such an absurd world. We have made this film to embrace such human strength.

Relationship with the location town

The film was made in full cooperation with Yokoze town, a small town in Saitama prefecture. Part of the cast were recruited from the local community, including a municipal officer and junior high school students, who were able to experience professional shooting. The students who participated also joined a filmmaking project we held 3 months later, which they learned filmmaking process in-depth and produced an original short film. The project also reflected our passion towards creating meaningful stories based on specific themes.

Cast and Crew

For the main casts we welcomed Souma, a professional tap dancer since elementary school, and Shigekix, a world-class junior break dancer as the leader of the bullies. The production crew is also consisted of various professionals active in the industry, who share the same passion and joined us despite being a low-budget project.

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